Hi. I write about science, news and nerd stuff.

I've reported on things like Martian rovers, earthquakes, voter psychology, legless lizards, gravitational waves, friendly robots and not so friendly droughts. I also draw comics, produce a science podcast for kids called Brains On, and occasionally write punk songs.

I've helped launch two daily radio shows for Southern California Public Radio, the Madeleine Brand Show and Take Two. The latter is still on the air and covers news and culture from a California perspective. Currently, I am the Senior Science Reporter for that very same station.

Back in the day, I helped create a pretty fun little news and satire program for Minnesota Public Radio called In The Loop. We worked with our audience to make the news of the day personal. We also wrote parody songs, political poems and interviewed lots of people, some famous, some not.

Over the years, I've won a few awards for my work, including a Radio and TV News Association’s Golden Mike for “Best Radio Medical and Science Reporting” and an Associated Press Television and Radio Association's Mark Twain award for "Best News Writing." MIT once selected me for a weeklong Knight Science Journalism Fellowship, which was so cool.

I grew up in California's Central Valley and New York's Long Island. I studied English and Psychology at Oberlin College. What else... Oh, I speak Swedish and some Japanese and Spanish. If we meet in person, ask me about the time I met Paul Newman. It's a good story.