Hi. I write about news and science for radio, TV and podcasts.

That means covering things like Martian rovers, earthquakes, legless lizards, gravitational waves, friendly robots and not so friendly droughts. I wrote on three seasons of Bill Nye Saves the World and earned an Emmy nomination. I also got to dress up in a Bigfoot costume, play the voice of a sentient refrigerator and blow up things on TV. Dreams do come true people.

In 2012 my friends and I started a podcast called Brains On. It’s a science show that answers real questions from real kids. We interview astronauts, sing songs about volcanoes and do skits with talking molecules. It’s really fun. We also produce a few other kid podcasts, like the debate show Smash Boom Best and the history deep-dive Forever Ago.

Before all that I worked in public radio, helping to launch and produce news programs like the Madeleine Brand Show, Take Two and In The Loop.

I grew up in California's Central Valley and New York's Long Island. I studied English and Psychology at Oberlin College. What else... Oh, I speak Swedish and some Japanese and Spanish. If we meet in person, ask me about the time I met Paul Newman. It's a good story.