Web Stories

A few examples of stories written for the web

Desert in a Box

As part of WBEZ's Heat of the Moment series on climate change, I profiled a couple with big dreams and a nearly impossible task. They wanted to save the world. They were starting by cataloguing everything in one square kilometer of the Mojave Desert in hopes of recreating the ecosystem in full inside a safe, secure warehouse. Eventually they hoped to do the same for every threatened place in the world. Think of it as creating a back up copy of Earth, in case things go really wrong in the future.


A Trip To California's Water-Wise Future

Climate change is expected to make things hotter and drier in California. So, what sorts of innovations will we see in, say the year 2040, to help us cope with this future?

California or Mars?

After several years of severe drought, California can look like an alien planet devoid of life. Still, you can tell the difference between the Golden State and say, Mars, right? Try this quiz to find out.