Brains On: A Science Podcast for Curious Kids

A while back, my friends Molly Bloom, Marc Sanchez and I decided to try something new: a podcast for kids. At the time there were practically none. So, Brains On was born.

Each episode answers real questions from our listeners, like "is there life on other planets?" "how do airplanes fly?" or "why do we fart?" We have a different kid co-host for each topic and they get to interview real scientists along the way. We also throw in some goofy skits, sciencey songs and audio quizzes for good measure.  

2015-11-21 14.09.00-2.jpg
2015-10-18 13.42.43.jpg

Brains On has been featured in The Atlantic, The Economist, The Washington Post and numerous parenting blogs. It recently won a “People’s Choice” Webby award and The Academy of Podcaster’s Best Kids and Family award.